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We Are Launching an International Medical Concierge



We've partnered with vetted, English-speaking doctors and medical professionals to chat with you for your everyday and primary care needs via text or phone.

Do you use Google or WebMD to figure out what and how severe your medical issue is? Or ask for advice from your doctor friend or family member?

With the environmental, language, and medication name differences, it's difficult for these resources to help while you're in a foreign country. 

That's why we created Wander Health.

Medical Issues We Can Solve

Everyday Care

Prescription Refills

Medical Severity Analysis

Care Coordination

Healthcare System Navigation

OTC Medication Recommendations

Cold & Flu




Motion Sickness




Medical Professionals

Our medical professionals are vetted and complies to the respective country's health regulations. They're available daily from at 8am to 5pm local time.

Medical Concierge Founding Membership


Founding Members will get full access to chat with local medical professionals in Wander Health's international cities for only $249 per year.

Describe yourself:
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Thanks for becoming a Founding Member!

Need Additional Medical Guidance?

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