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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How can you help?

We serve as a medical concierge. That means we connect you to local healthcare services that pass our high standards of quality and service to support in fixing your non-emergency health issues.

Do you offer medical advice?

Wander Health will connect you to local doctors that can provide medical advice and treatments. All doctors in our network are fully licensed based on their respective country's regulations.

Are you an insurance product?

We offer access to a network of doctors who you're able to real-time directly book with them. We do not offer any coverage. We are a tech-enabled concierge service ready to help you navigate healthcare in a foreign country.

How does it compare to traveler medical insurance?

We do not provide coverage, but we do tell you which doctor (based on your preferences) you should go to for your primary or urgent care needs when you're abroad, so you can return to the fun part of your travels!

Most traveler medical insurance plans cover only emergencies and medical evacuations. These policies vary on what is covered and will be reimbursed. And sometimes that reimbursement process can take 2+ months without any status updates!

Which countries are you in?

We are currently live in Mexico. Our goal is to be worldwide.

Which languages do you support?

Currently only supporting English. 

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