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The Journey To Receiving Care Abroad

What if I get sick?

This seemingly simple-to-answer question is likely one you’ve asked yourself before while rushing out of the house to make it to the airport before your departure time. Rummaging through your carry-on bags in the car, you manage to scrounge up a handful of Tylenol, your prescription glasses, and some breath mints, and call it a day. You think to yourself, there’s no need to worry about something that probably won’t happen, right? If I need any medications, I can probably just find them there. Ticket in hand, you’re now ready to board the flight to your dream destination, but without a plan for how you might react when sickness decides to pay a visit.

While it’s important to hope for the best during your travels, getting sick abroad is often not something that can be easily fixed with just a few pills or some luck – it’s a setback you can never anticipate. Thus, for many travelers, the journey to recovery ends up looking something like this:

It shouldn’t go unrecognized that a situation like the one above is only scratching the surface of what people can experience abroad – a stomach bug can be just as likely to impact your trip as a hiking mishap that requires a medical evacuation and multi-day hospitalization. No matter the circumstance, one thing is clear: getting sick while abroad is both time-intensive and complex, requiring a ton of effort to be put in by the injured just to receive basic healthcare.

While this is our current reality, it doesn’t have to be. Wander Health was designed and built to tackle this exact problem, taking on the role of your travel care companion to cut out all of the intermediary steps and directly connect you with physicians while abroad. That way, the next time you ask yourself, what if I get sick?, there won’t be any need to rummage for loose pills. Instead, you’ll remember that Wander Health will always be there to help you overcome your medical needs!


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