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How To Stand Out In The Concierge Clinic Market

The allure of membership-based luxury medical clinics, or concierge clinics, has skyrocketed since the pandemic. In fact, Concierge Medicine Today estimates that there are roughly 12,000 concierge physicians spread across 48 states and that figure is only rising during this time of unprecedented growth for private practices. In a world with a surplus of healthcare options, concierge clinics faces the challenge of not only providing exceptional care but also differentiating itself from the competition.

  1. International Provider Network: The growing trend for international travel presents opportunities for you to offer premium membership plans for your patients seeking high-quality healthcare services while they are abroad. By partnering with a company like Wander Health, your clinic can help facilitate seamless coordination for patients searching for peace of mind while they are away from home.

  2. Nutrition and Fitness Programs: Offering exclusive membership perks that further holistic health can incentivize patients who may be interested in weight management to join. For instance, offering discounts on gym memberships, nutritional coaching sessions, or tailored fitness plans can help your concierge stand out.

  3. Remote Patient Monitoring: By offering a medical device like a wearable or weight scale, patients can monitor their progress and have a multipurpose tool for their daily activities. This perk can benefit providers who have more data to understand their day-to-day activities, habits, behaviors, and trends, so their treatment plan can be more personalized.

  4. Genomic Health Assessments: Providing advanced genomic health testing with personalized insights into biomarkers for various health conditions can allow your patients and your practice to gain more control over the personalized health journey. Look to partner with genetic testing companies to offer comprehensive DNA analysis and counseling services to tailor preventive healthcare plans and elevate your concierge services above the competition.

  5. Wellness Retreats: Either hosting or creating partnerships with luxury resorts or wellness retreats to offer exclusive health and wellness packages can create additional demand and brand loyalty for your practice. Patients can enjoy a seamless experience combining medical consultations with a luxurious stay at a wellness destination, complete with personalized fitness programs, healthy dining options, and relaxation activities.

  6. Curated Corporate Programs: Tailoring wellness programs for companies seeking to prioritize employee health and productivity can add a valuable add-on for your concierge practice. Offering on-site health screenings, priority access for appointments, nutritional counseling, and stress management workshops can enhance your partnerships with corporate patients.

Marketing exceptional care isn’t enough anymore. It’s about crafting an experience that resonates with your patients. From offering wellness perks to utilizing innovative technology, concierge clinics can support more holistic medical approaches that take care of the patient outside of their appointment and prioritizes preventative medicine.

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