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How We Can Help Those Affected By The Volcanic Eruption in Mexico

Popocatépetl, one of the world’s most dangerous and actively monitored volcanoes, has begun rumbling outside of Mexico City again after its more than 70-year dormancy ended in 1994 and lead to persistent activity ever since. While it is not unusual for composite volcanoes of such magnitude to have occasional, minor eruptions, Popocatépetl has produced cascades of ash, toxic fumes, and incandescent rock nearly every day this past week.

Scientists in Mexico are unsure of how long this activity can be expected to last or if an eruption will eventually occur, but since nearly 25 million people live within 60 miles of the volcano, it can be said without question that citizens are feeling the impact.

As people prepare for a possible evacuation and deal with the health impacts of ash pollution, including eye and upper respiratory irritation, it is essential to remember that Wander Health is here to help! If you are traveling near Popocatépetl and are in need of assistance from a vetted, English-speaking physician, please make sure to check out our many at-home services, including:

  1. Urgent Care Consultations – To receive a physical examination, vitals check, and treatment plan or written prescription

  2. Wound Care – To obtain treatment focused on cleaning and bandaging a wound

  3. Minor Sutures – To obtain treatment focused on cleaning and suturing minor cuts

  4. Customized Appointments – To create a completely personalized healthcare experience

  5. IV Drips – To prevent and treat dehydration, food poisoning, nausea, hangovers, and diarrhea

A volcanic eruption is not something to regard lightly. Beyond remaining cognizant of The National Disaster Center’s current warning level and the impacts such an event may have on your day-to-day life abroad or travel plans, make sure to continually monitor your health. If something comes up, let Wander Health guide you in the right direction.

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