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Who Is The Typical Concierge Clinic Patient?

There is a common misconception that concierge clinic utilization is limited to an exclusive group of individuals who share similar lifestyles and health-based values. Although the average concierge provider does tend to have fewer patients than their traditional counterpart, the reality of today’s clinical scene disagrees with stereotyped notions of uniformity and exclusivity. In fact, clinics attract a diverse range of clientele, each with their own unique needs and preferences. 

  1. Aging Population: According to a 2023 National Health Statistics report made by the CDC, the visit rate for adults aged 65 and over (708.5 per 100 older adults) was among the highest of all age and sex categories. Managing various medications, cognitive changes, and health risks could be overwhelming for this profile. Consequently, it may be difficult to make health decisions or adopt healthy practices on an everyday basis. Clinics can better adapt to this population by generating personalized lifestyle plans that lead individuals towards their health goals. For example, these plans could include a personalized daily routine that details activities that can target cognitive changes and reduce health risks relevant to them.

  2. Young Families: Parents often prioritize the health and well-being of their children and themselves. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, pediatric patients see their physician about 27 times during their infancy, childhood, and adolescence. This age group had also made approximately 171 million visits to physician offices in a 2012 national study. Concierge clinics appeal to families seeking attentive, proactive healthcare for both routine check-ups and urgent medical needs. When unforeseen accidents or ailments occur, young families may be interested in a hotline or integrated digital interface. With these tools, parents can immediately receive instructions and evidence-based information to successfully navigate the stressful situation.

  3. Active Professionals: Executives, entrepreneurs, and professionals with demanding schedules appreciate the convenience and personalized attention offered by concierge clinics. They value the ability to schedule appointments at their convenience and receive prompt, comprehensive care without long wait times. On average, patients wait about 26 days to have an appointment with their physician, according to a survey conducted in 2022 by AMN/Merritt Hawkins. Most individuals in this profile may even opt out of health-related services at times because there is no room in their busy schedules. For these professionals who value time and efficiency, they may benefit from the option to simultaneously run errands and receive care.

  4. Frequent Travelers: In a culture that promotes globalization, interconnectedness, and exploration around the world, more people are traveling now than ever before. Individuals who travel frequently for work or leisure benefit from the flexibility and accessibility of concierge clinics. With a special interest in this profile, Wander Health provides travelers with a continuity of care and sense of security no matter where they are and what unexpected events arise.

  5. Wellness Enthusiasts: As society pivots towards health care that incorporates more holistic-based approaches, there is a greater demand for concierge clinics and their dynamic and modern health management. Some services that this group may particularly utilize include frequent personal health assessments, nutritional counseling, preventative screenings, fitness programs, and updates about new research and medical innovations in the market. 

  6. High-Risk Individuals: Individuals living with or carrying a family history of chronic illness may find it difficult or mentally exhausting to tend to their health matters. This profile may benefit from having a health advisor, in addition to their provider, that carries personal expertise about the specific chronic illness. Offering support groups and behavioral services can also positively contribute to the physical health of these patients. With these approaches, patients may adapt to their stressful circumstances, and yet still embrace and maximize their quality of life.

Understanding the profiles of concierge clinic clientele will allow you to expand your reach and offer a quality of care that is appropriately catered to your patients anywhere they are at. The attraction behind concierge clinics is centered on the team that takes the initiative to understand who their patients are and how they can best serve them.

That’s why we believe Wander Health is a concierge clinic membership benefit that can improve and extend care to these profiles.

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